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Amos, Prophet or Shepherd?

The world as in the time of Amos is standing on religious ceremony and political correctness. Most followers of Jesus worship God with little or no substance. We express and praise with hollow words that lack foundation. Many Christians treat God as they do friends and family.

Oppress The Poor

Many Christians like the world oppress the poor and worship the wealthy.

Amos, a devoted man of God, preached on the scathing anger and condemnation of God for the Israelites. God condemned the chosen nation as he condemns our country today. America is the same as the Israelites were in the northern and southern kingdoms during 760 – 750 B.C.

Amos spoke boldly for the Lord against religious leaders and was not intimidated. He was confident in the words God had given him to deliver his people. He spoke of God’s righteousness and goodness without fear or intimidation from kings or priests.

Amos spoke of the falling away of Israel and lack of love for their God. He shared visions of the Israelites impending judgment from God (1:1, 2:16, 7:1, and 9:15). Amos did not fail to reveal the reasons for God’s judgment on Israel (3:1, 6:14) for God never punishes without warning because he is a just God.

People in today’s world are much like in the days of Amos. Many of the same conditions exist today. As True Believers, (a phrase I have chosen to use because not everyone confessing to being a Christian is a follower of Christ). True Believers, must stand against injustice and speak boldly for the Lord, as Amos did.

God is holding each of us accountable for the poor, disenfranchised and those who do not know his name or mercy.

You may ask why people do not know God or his Son. It is because we live in a world where most have rejected God and his Son, Jesus.

God is holding every nation accountable for their sins and will act as judge and jury over humanity when Jesus returns for His Church.

Even though Amos was not a prophet, he was obedient and became a messenger of God, as we all should.

God is Supreme and controls all nations. Everyone is accountable to God, even America.

It is not popular among most nations in the 21st Century to accept God as the author and finisher of all things, but man is nothing without God. It is this rejection that has brought us to our present impending judgment, now on the doorstep of America!

America’s Crimes

You may ask what are America’s crimes? The following are but a few of many crimes America is guilty. Many Americans do not even consider these to be crimes against God because the world’s values are different from God’s.

  • America is guilty of shedding innocent blood by abortions.  Thousands of innocent unborn children are being killed before they have had a chance to live.
  • Neglecting the poor and disfranchised.
  • Rejecting God and his Son by removing them from our schools and society.
  • America is guilty of welcoming homosexuality into pulpits of our church and nation.

All these crimes are against God’s teachings on how we as followers of Jesus should be living as a nation built on a foundation of Biblical principles.

Americans need to wake up! Return to God, ask his forgiveness so we might escape his impending judgment, which is closer than most can imagine

Prayer Leads To Understanding

Much was revealed to me in a time of prayer as I studied the Book of Amos. Something stirred within my Spirit stirred and has led me to share this with you. I feel it is something you need to be made aware. “The coming of the Lord’s judgment on our nation.”

No, I did not experience visions or dreams. The Lord revelations came through reading, studying and contextualization of God’s word.

We are no different from people during the time of Amos because we are still disobedient to God. It is my firm belief Christians in the 21st Century do more questioning than actual work for God.

Let me explain, using myself as an example. God spoke to me many times of what I should be doing, but I chose to be disobedient doing what I desire.

Before you judge me can you confirm the voice of God has not directed you to do something other than what is in your heart?

Have you knowingly done what you desired instead of what God wants for your life? When a still small voice speaks, what have you done?

Ignoring The Small Voice

Amos did not ignore God’s calling he heard and obeyed without question.

We must learn to listen to the still small voice within and obey the calling of our heavenly Father. We must speak words of kindness to all that are lost or in need.

God is always speaking to us, even when we refuse to hear what is being said.

Stop! Listen to the Father before it is too late. Jesus is coming soon!

Denial Is Futile

  • What will you say when asked,
  • “Why did you reject my Son?”
  • “ Why did you not honor my name?”
  • “Why did you not feed the hungry and homeless?”
  • “Why did you deny me as the Creator of all things?”

How will you answer these questions?

God will not ask about the sins of others. He is only concerned about how YOU use the life he has given you.

We are responsible for what we do and say. You have no control over others, only your actions will be in question.

God is just and loving, but can not be in the presence of sin because of His holiness. We must be judged for what we have done or failed to do.

Are you sleeping or awake, desiring God’s love or the love of the world?

His passion for us is without condition. It is for this reason, Jesus, was sent to dwell among us as a man, yet many have rejected the Savior of the world, God’s only Son!

Choose What’s Important

Reject the world and choose God! The world offers useless things that fade. But, “The word of the Lord endures forever” (1 Peter 1:25).

Return to God. Give Jesus your heart. Stop chasing the world, for it will end. But God is eternal. It is this eternal happiness we should long for in the brief life God has graciously granted us. If you offer your life in service and obedience, the greatest gift is yet to come.


Was Amos Prophet or Shepherd?

Amos was no prophet when the Lord called him to deliver his message to the Israelites. Amos was a shepherd, the lowest of all professions in Israel and despised by many. But he accepted the call and became a messenger from God.

All Christians are called to make disciples and carry the word of God to enlighten the world!

I am working to be like Amos, a voice for the “Good Shepherd,” Jesus Christ.

Who are you working for in this life? Will you be among those who run and hide when the Son of Man returns?


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