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About Me

Welcome to Pastoral Teachings

Pastor Pat Ashley

I am a Writer and a Pastoral Counselor. My specialty is teaching and sharing the word of God, helping others develop a better relationship and understanding of God.

Not sure how God can change your life? My postings are easily understandable for anyone who can understand, share events, and experience from any walk of life. Some of my experiences may cause you to chuckle. Yes, God has a sense of humor.

God has taken me places I never thought possible since our first meeting in 1989. But, I, like Jonah, did not want to do the Lord’s bidding. I tried to do my own thing, but like Jonah, God did not allow me to have it my way. Though he did not send a big fish to swallow me, he did get my attention.

I came to Christ,  which lead me to seminary,  where I earned an MA in Pastoral Teachings and Counseling, later becoming an ordained minister.

Praise the Lord!

Hopefully, you will enjoy the site. Feel free to leave comments or questions. I will do my best to respond to all inquires to the best of my God-given knowledge.
Be blessed, and let God be first in your life.

By Pat

Hello, I am Pastor Pat Ashley, author, and creator of The creation of this site is to share the love life and magnificence of God. Sometimes life experiences lead to paths we would typically never venture, which I have come to believe is a predetermined path designed by God.
Love, care, and counsel are the paths of this site, ensuring no one feels alone without support or guidance. Here we discuss current and past events because there can be no future without a past.
I look forward to sharing lively discussions with you or private counsel when needed.
I ask as followers of Christ, we respect the views and opinions of others, even when we disagree.

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