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About Me

Welcome to Pastoral Teachings


My name is Pat Ashley.

I am a Counselor and Teacher of the Word of God.

My focus is on End-Time Prophecy. I research and share what the world can expect in the future by referencing the Bible, which is the Word of God. I do comparative studies of world events compared to what the Bible tells us to expect in future events and what the world should expect in the end days. I also offer to counsel anyone desiring to know God the Creator. I also provide a listening ear to anyone needing a friend.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope the information provided has been helpful.

Be blessed and have a great day in the Lord.

By Pat

Hello, and many thanks for visiting.

The past year has been challenging, with lives lost due to COVID, leaving many families in shambles. However, the events should have been no surprise, though it may not have become apparent, we are moving towards the return of Christ. However, the events we are now experiencing are nothing compared to what's ahead!

Thank you for visiting. I pray the site was informative.

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Be Blessed,

Pat Ashley

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