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Hello, And Welcome

Welcome to Pastoral Teachings!

This site was created to help you understand the times in which we now live.

I am sure you have noticed we are not living in the world we once knew. But there is nothing to worry about if you are a follower of Christ. However, if you are not, there is much to be concerned about, and you should start seeking a better way of life NOW!

If this is your first visit, I welcome you and hope you visit again soon.

Pastoral Teachings is about End Time Prophecy and the events that must take place before Jesus Christ returns for His Church. Then, hopefully, you are one of the chosen and have a relationship with the Son of God.

Feel free to voice your opinions and beliefs, but as Christians, we must respect the opinions of others and agree to disagree. I need not remind you that unsavory language is never acceptable if you are a Christ follower. So, relax and enjoy your visit. May God open your heart to understand and accept the word of God as we share End Time Prophecy and attempt to unravel the events we are witnessing daily in our world.


Hello, Welcome to Prophecy In Action! I am fascinated by End Time Prophecy. No, it is not part of my biological makeup. However, after becoming a Christian and follower of Christ, I want to understand the coming events of my future and how they relate to end time prophecy and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I was not born into the life which I now live. However, this life is more exciting and intriguing than my original beginnings. Christ has changed my life into a new person living a very changed life. Welcome to my world! I hope you enjoy reading my post and may God help us to understand His Word so that we may help others.

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