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How To Prevent Division In The Church

The life of the first Christians can be described as followers of Christ to become a new creation. It means to be reborn or change. If a person is a true believer and has indeed been reborn, they will not blend well in the world.

The new Church followers in Corinth were no different from Christians today with many conflicts! It was, for this reason, Paul wrote a letter to Corinth of what he had heard and his concerns.

Paul’s Letter To Corinth

Paul pleads with the young Church to become of one mind and purpose. He admonished them not to allow Satan to divide the Church reminding them of the sacrifice Jesus made for every Christian.

Paul was not pleased to learn that many within the Church professed to be followers of different prophets. Though these prophets were Jesus’ chosen, the discourse led to pride and a spirit of division within the Church.

Paul reminded the Corinth followers that no man is higher than the Word of God and that they should rally around the teachings of Jesus Christ and not his disciples.

I will not provide the names of the prophets in the Corinth Church; you can read 1 Corinthians 1:12 to learn more about Paul’s words to the Corinth Christians. The full meaning of his admonishment of the Corinth Christians was they should not be followers of man but followers of Jesus, the foundation of the Church, not man.

We have this same division within the Church today. Some are following clergy because they favor them over the Word of God, causing the Church of the 21st Century to be divided. We need not have the same beliefs or support the same minister but must follow the same views and foundation of the Church, which is Jesus Christ.

If Christians unite in one faith, there will be unity in the Church. Remain steadfast and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Paul taught freedom of choice unless it is forbidden by scriptures. Some believers in the Corinth Church believe eating the meat of animals used in pagan rituals to be sinful whereas, others thought it not a sin to eat such meat. However, scriptures teach we are free in Christ, but we must not abuse our freedom and be considerate of others. If a fellow believer thinks eating meat used in pagan rituals is sinful, then you must not encourage them to eat such meat. In doing so you have done wrong. Remember to always be led by love in your behavior towards others.

The Bible is the living words of God given to man by the Holy Spirit. The words of the Bible do not change because the world changes. God’s word remains the same even when the world does not.

In 1 Corinthians 1:10 Paul describes the people of Corinth as Christians following fads. Let’s begin by defining the word “Fad,” which refers to something that has no foundation, here today and gone tomorrow.

You may ask what do fads have to do with the Church today and Christian religion?

The Church today is much like the Church of Corinth. Christians jump on every new fad or bandwagon that comes along without giving any thought to the repercussions or if it is biblical, they just want to be in with the mainstream or social climbers of the moment!

The Church of Corinth had no real beliefs or foundation the Church jumped on any bandwagon or anything that sound good. Much some Churches today, where there is little or no foundation and nothing is consistent. Without consistency in the Church, there can be no cohesiveness of faith.

Inconsistency Within The Church

If a contradiction exists in the Church, religion, and belief in Jesus become a mass of confusion with most Christians forgetting or refusing to accept the foundation of the Church, which is Jesus Christ.

Paul reminds Christians in Corinth they are members of the family of God and share a unity that is more profound than the blood of brothers and sisters, their bond should be unbreakable.

The Church of the 21st Century should have an unshakable bond, not allowing favoritism for clergy to interfere with the relationship of Jesus Christ to the Church.

As Christians, we must not become like the Church of Corinth. We must be followers of Jesus, not man. Though you are allowed to have favorites, but not at the expense of your relationship with Christ Jesus.

It’s okay to be attracted to the personality of a Pastor, but you must remember Christ is the foundation of the Church and Christians must not allow the Church to become divided by favoritism.

The Church of Corinth had a reason to follow disciples because of favoritism. The early Church did not have the whole NT as we do today. Meaning the 21st Century Church has no excuse to allow the spirit of partisanship to cause division within the Church because we know the truth and have the complete NT.

Motivational Speakers

Today there are many motivational speakers today pretending to be speaking God’s word. I call them “False Teachers.”

The mighty “Dollar” is the only God they seek. It was the same in the Church of Corinth. False Teachings have always existed. God’s word may not make you feel warm and fuzzy but it is the Truth!

Most of the individuals are not teaching messages of substance to Christians. Their teaching is mostly feel-good words with weak content. The Messenger must never become more important than the Good News!

Paul teachings reminded the Church that a disciple need not have eloquent vocabularies or fancy words. The message should have content and be about accountability of sins against God.

Followers of Jesus do not need a sermon that offers persuasiveness or empowers followers of Christ to feel good. Sin matters and Christians need to hear the truth! Mankind is accountable to God and only God for their sin.

Pastors need to teach the Truth!

Paul was against feel-good teachings and told Christians that all teachers need is a strong message of God’s Word and nothing more.

It is advisable that you read 1 Corinthians 1:10-30 to understand Paul’s message to the Church of Corinth and why he teaches the Church Jesus is the foundation of the Church, not a man!

“Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” Exodus 20:2 and Deuteronomy 5:6. These are two of the key Ten Commandments given by God!

Things Every Christian Should Know

  1. It is Jesus who paid the penalty for our sin (Mark 10:45).
  2. Christ is who we should worship and glorify not man.


Paul wrote the letter in 1 Corinthians to the new Christians in the Church of Corinth because of division within the Church. But, there were other problems too, which I will mention in later in this brief article. Please read the text for the better understanding of what was happening among the new followers of Jesus.

Brief Look Ahead

Paul had planned to visit Cornith to deliver his message in person but had to cancel the visit due to other matters, but he did eventually visit Corinth a second and third time (1 Corinthians 2:1).

However, when Paul finally made the trip to Corinth (Acts 20:2,3). The Church did not take the advice in the letter written by Paul, much like 21st Century Church today. Corinth Christians ignored his warnings.

Corinth Under Roman Leadership

Cornith was under Rome and had become immoral. The city had a reputation as one of the most corrupt in the ancient world.

While reading 2 Corinthians v.1 the United States came to mind, like Cornith the United States is a cesspool of sexual immorality and idol worship making Churches in our time face pressure and conflict, similar to the city of Cornith.

In 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 the people of Corinth, like the world today believe if God comforts us our troubles will disappear without punishment. Sin leads to punishment when God’s Word is disobeyed!

So this belief could not be further from the truth? If God removes all our discomforts what reason would we have to obey the scriptures?

Removing conflicts without consequences will not provide the strength needed to help others with the same situation. With each struggle, we learn and gain the power to help someone else.

The more we suffer, the more God comforts us, but we also learn through our suffering. So if you feel overwhelmed allow God to control you!

Remember every trial endured will help you overcome and provide comfort to others in the same distress you conquer.

Suffering And How It Helps

You may ask how can your pain help others?

In suffering, you learn what you have yet to know. You discover God allowed you to overcome your time of conflict thru suffering. Had God removed the pain or conflict you would not have acquired the knowledge to help others or endured to build strength to fight another day!


Share Your Knowledge

Share the Books of 1 & 2 Corinthians with someone you love or does not know Christ as their Savior.

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The Application Bible is easy to read and has notes that explain scriptural teachings.

Enjoy growing your relationship with Jesus, knowing Him is the best thing you will ever do in your brief life!

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