Does Anyone Understand What Is Happening?

I am unsure if it’s just me or if others can feel the change in our present atmosphere or see the changes in our World and country. Please make no mistake; the World is not as it was in 2022 and has become a place of destruction and ungodliness, as I have never witnessed!

We are living in Deuteronomy 28 in our time. God has outlined the repercussions of disobedience, peace, and blessings for peace and prosperity; though He is speaking to the nation of Israel in vv 1-14, we are to live by the same rules God gave to Israel. God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:28, 34-35).

Many years ago, I told my oldest Sister of a dream where I had been shown a bright light in the sky while boarding a bus. Of course, It was not until many months later that I understood the dream was of a future event God showed me.

But as always, my Sister told me it was only a dream and had no meaning. But deep inside, I knew this was not the truth. Since then, I have always felt that the World was heading towards an event that no one was prepared to experience. I could and still feel it in the air and have felt this for many years as I witnessed the World change into something unrecognizable, not for the better. Yet, little did I know that I was witnessing a prophecy being fulfilled before my eyes!

Has anyone else felt God speaking to our generation? I sense we are headed to something we have never experienced before! The World and the people of Earth are headed towards a future we are not ready to experience!

The weather and seasons are difficult to understand, increasing knowledge like never before. In Daniel 12:4. The Bible tells of a drastic falling away from the teachings of Christ Jesus, which humanity has been doing for decades, but not in such alarming numbers as in the 21st Century( 1 Timothy 4:1-2).

Men have become lovers of themselves, children have become disobedient and disrespectful to their parents, and sexual deviance is at a record high. Men have become lovers of themselves with no regard for the teachings of Christ Jesus!

These are my thoughts on what is happening and the reasons for these happenings, as foretold by God’s Holy Bible, which few understand.

Why is humanity acting as if they have unlimited time to live? When the scriptures say, we have a set number of days. Genesis 6:3 tells us, My spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh; his days shall be a hundred and twenty years; though many of us will not have that much time, it will be less.

Now I must ask this burning question: Why do humans act as if we have all the time in the World to do God knows what in our short life span? We act as if tomorrow is promised to us when it is Not!

I do not want to sound as if I have it all together! I am as guilty as most of God’s creations of being an unrighteous sinner with many imperfections! For this reason, I spend much time in God’s word and prayer and still fall short!

These are but a few thoughts I felt compelled to share with my readers.

If it were not for God’s mercy and grace, we would all be destined for Hell without it. Yet, some are still destined for Hell because they refuse to accept the Son of Man as their Lord and Savior.

It is never too late to change and become a follower of Christ. All you need to do is ask Him to save you and become serious about living for Chris. Begin to take the Bible seriously by studying and living God’s Word!

Take time to study the history of God’s chosen people, which is very enlightening and informative, for the Bible does not picture God’s chosen people as perfect in any way! Scripture reveals the nation of Israel as very imperfect!

When we read the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, there is no doubt which course the nation of Israel took, and history reflects their decisions. Also, the Lord was explicit about what would happen if Israel chose the wrong path in Deuteronomy 28, v 20 – 28.

But, as a nation of backslidden people, the United States and the World should not judge Israel! As a nation, the United States has also fallen. To be explicit, the falling away happened long before the 21st Century!

Of course, much like Israel, our great leaders have been few, much like Israel! So we should not be so quick to judge Israel!

We, the record of 21st Century nations, have had no better record of living or walking by God’s WORD!

Israel was cursed, and as a nation in the 21st Century, the United States is also cursed! Look at COVID-19; it almost took America down, yet, as a nation, we have not learned or improved our sinful ways!

As a nation, America suffers many horrible curses and failures, such as confusion of heart and disobedience! We should repent before it’s too late!

The Book is one we as a nation should read! “For envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there”(James 3:16). This is a great description of America today! We live under disorder, commotion, and tumult, and our daily news supports that we need God’s intervention!

Our poor children, our futures are being destroyed! Not through any fault of their own, but the very individuals they trust to do the right thing are teaching and leading them down a path to destruction with no future!

God has made only two sexes, as the Bible fully supports in the Book of Genesis:

Genesis 1: 2So God created humanity in his image,
in the image of God, he created them;
    male and female, he created them

So, do you see anything that says anything about Genderism? No, not a word!

As parents, we should not allow our children to become confused by individuals with such aberrations. If they want to confuse their children and themselves, so be it, but as parents, we must take a stand, and if we profess to know God, we need to live by His Word!

Confusion is rampant in the United States! Hence the instability, disorder, commotion, and widespread confusion!

I can tell you God is not going to wait forever for our nation to decide to live by His word! If, as a nation, we continue to travel the path we are now on, God will judge America as He judged every sinful nation.n Biblical Days! I do not understand how America believes as a nation founded under liberty and God that we can hope to escape the wrath of God! Just thinking we can or will not be found guilty of walking the incorrect path leads me to know Satan has blinded us!

We are living in the “Last Day“! In my mind, there is no doubt that the Savior is preparing to judge the World. Scripture is fulfilling so rapidly! If you think I am misleading you, read your Bible and see where we are on the Prophetic Time Line! Man has fallen from God’s Grace and chosen to live under the light and following of the World, which has gone MAD!

The word of God is and will always remain unchanged!

These are my thoughts, and I am not asking anyone with NO relationship with the Savior to agree. Until the time comes, and it will, America is still a nation founded under God, with freedom of Speech!

Church, this is for you and you alone! Prepare for our Savior to judge the World and carry the righteous away from this madness to a place where our tears will be ones of joy, not sorrow!