Psalms 8, What Does It Mean?

I am an advent reader of Psalms. The book is relaxing and helps me feel closer to God.

David is the author of Psalms 8 and is known as a man after God’s heart. Though David was not perfect, he was very much like us, but sinned.

God is not happy when we stray off the path he desires us to walk, but he is a loving and forgiving Father.

The narrow road is not easy to walk, and many choose to the broad path.

Psalms 8 reveals the heart of our heavenly Father. David knew the heart of God, hence the reason he wrote Psalms 8 so we too would know God’s love is eternal, even when we sin.

Portions of Psalm 8 is quoted in the NT( 1 Cor. 158:27; Heb. 2:6-8). Read these text to understand why Jesus became human emptying himself of his Divinity.

God raised Jesus, His Son from death and will do the same for those who belong to his family when he returns to reign over heaven and earth.

 As creations of God, we are mere reflections his image, but Jesus is perfection, a model of the Father (Gal 2:20; Col. 1:15).

Psalms 8:1 reveals the face of God and what he represents in this world as our Lord.

          ” O Lord, our Lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth!

             Your glory is higher than the heavens.”

Psalm 8:2 tells a story of the untainted trust and understanding of children and why they trust and praise God. As we mature and grow, older trust becomes difficult. But all is not lost we can go to the Father in prayer asking God to give us the faith of children, so we can trust as we once did as a child.

When God gives us the ability to trust, removing barriers we can once again walk and become closer to our Lord.

We learn to respect the majesty of God and compare ourselves to his greatness.

Most of us look at creation and feel small, and this is a good reality. However, God does not want us to spend time dwelling on the smallness we think. He deserves us to be humble and respectful, not self-depreciated, for God does not see us as depreciated.

Verses 3-5 of Psalms 8 is about the vastness of creation and wonder of God.

You may spend time wondering how or why God is concerned about people who continually disappoint him.

We should never forget when God created us he made us only a little lower than the angels!

So, next time you question why God spends time thinking about you, remember you are unique to our Creator. We are of great worth to the Father, and he considers us highly valuable!

Genesis 1-26 tell of your worth to God. God has already declared how valuable you are to him. You should never have feelings of unworthiness.

God’s eternal love is everything! He never created anything that is worthless, and the authority he gave us over everything he created proves our worth.

Psalms 8:6 tell of the tremendous authority God gave to us. Imagine the trust to provide humans to have charge over the whole earth!

We should use the resources God provides to us wisely for we will be held accountable as stewards for how we treat the gifts God granted us.



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