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God And Donald Trump

Format: Audible Book

This review is on the audible book of “God and Donald Trump” narrated by John Pruden and written by Stephen E. Strang.

Release Date:

God And Donald Trump, was released November 12, 2017, by Mission Audio. The book has three formats, Kindle, Hardcopy, and Audible.


Since the release of God And Donald Trump, the rating has been outstanding, getting 4.7 out 5.0 ratings of five stars.

Overall Performance:

The audible book is given an overall performance rating of Five Stars.


Five Star rating is well deserved, for God and Donald Trump. After listening to this story my opinion of the President of the United States was seriously change! 

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Personal Review:

I listened to the audible book and could not stop listening! The book is 6 + hours in length but it seems shorter. I personally was disappointed when the narration was over.

John Pruden gave a masterful performance in narrating the audible book! he was articulate and interesting as his voice moved through the book making it interesting at the same time informative. After listening to his narration I felt closer to the President and knew more about his views of family, religion and life experiences.

I have included reviews from fellow listeners hoping you will join us in knowing President Trump as a man of God!


I recommend “God And Donald Trump” in any format be it Kindle, Hard Copy or Audible. The book is informative and a good read.

The softer side of President Trump will speak boldly to the listener as you learn about the relationships, when he chose to become a follower of Christ and how we have benefitted from this knowledge and wisdom to lead our nation.

God And Donald Trump is a book I will not soon forget!


What Members Say About God and Donald Trump

Overall  ***** 4.7 out of 5 Stars
5 – Stars             97
4 – Stars             7
3 – Stars             0
2 – Stars             2
1- Stars              5
0 – Stars
Performance ***** 4.8 out of 5 Stars            
5 – Stars             86
4 – Stars             8
3 – Stars             2
2 – Stars             1
1 – Stars             1
0 – Stars

Story ***** 4.8 out of 5 Stars
5 – Stars              89
4 – Stars              4
3 – Stars              0
2 – Stars              2
1 – Stars              3
0 – Stars

Amazon members are saying,

God and Donald Trump is a powerful first-person account of one of the most contentious elections in American history, with exclusive interviews and insightful commentary from the men and women who were there.

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