Secret to Becoming Christ Conscious

Who is Christ? What is Christ Consciousness? These questions are always in the minds of people desiring in the world of Spirituality.

Jesus Christ a historical figure and Savior of Christianity. Christ is an English term for Khritos, a Greek word meaning the anointed one. In Hebrew, it is known as the Messiah.

Christ Consciousness does not belong to any particular religious orientation or sect. It is for this reason Christ Consciousness is defined as a state of consciousness. Through universal awareness, Christ Consciousness is transformed into higher knowledge.

Christ Consciousness is a term for a state of being in which the soul is transformed and awakened to its Highest Consciousness, which is what every human should achieve on Earth.

Human must reach a state of mind, awakening, and transformation which is a long process.

The key to transformation is learning and growing by becoming aware by keeping memories at full awareness. Awareness begins with an inspired thought that is always open to new wisdom and knowledge.

Christ Consciousness does not have any relation to the personality of Jesus Christ. As mentioned earlier, it is a state of mind, connecting with the highest power, and understanding omnipresent and universal forces and how they exist everywhere.

The term Christ Consciousness does not necessarily affiliate with various religious beliefs. It is only called Christ Consciousness because of the spiritual elevation of Jesus Christ when He was alive. Anyone can be Christ Conscious if they are willing to learn the concept.

The Majority of religious Masters already walk the path of light, love, harmony, bliss, and peace, which is generally followed by a period of suffering. This is the result of becoming enlightened after their journey.

This is nothing new or different to any religion. In fact, it is a universal concept in many groups. All people can be enlightened and awakened if they open their mind to the possibilities available to them. This is why Christ Consciousness was born.

All people are born with consciousness. It flows in every human and can be developed and achieved by anyone willing to open their mind to the Holy Spirit.

The only way humans never become enlightened is to keep their minds closed to spirituality and unbelief in the Spiritual world of Jesus Christ.

Whether you seek the assistance of mentors or other so-called religious Gurus, the primary goal is for you to become more compassionate, loving, patient, understanding, tolerant, content, and forgiving, by following a new path of conscious thinking.

Spiritual growth is achieved by aligning your inner feelings and thoughts with those of Jesus. But before you can align your thinking, you must become aware and understand you are a unique creation of God.

People must acknowledge the existence of a Divine Mind, which will awaken Christ Consciousness enabling them to become more enlightened about the Spiritual world.

Many encounter conflicts during the process of awakening. Disputes or issues are not unusual as your mind adjusts to new ways of thinking.

The mind of every human is conditioned from birth to think logically and rationally. Your conscious mind is trained to look at the commercial value of what it sees. The Holy Spirit is not considered to be material but spiritual, which helps you to understand the meaning of religion. You must clear your mind of old beliefs, which may be difficult but is critical in becoming successful in Christ Consciousness.

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