Ephesians 5, And What It Means Today

God’s Word Never Changes   Ephesians 5 is about practical and relative ways that apply to daily living. We need to learn why Ephesians 5 is important and how it applies to us in the 21st Century. Why? Because we have strayed off the path of God and how we should be living. Our society… Continue reading Ephesians 5, And What It Means Today

3 -Things To Pray For America

the symbols of Daniel's and John's visions hide in plain sight today. Will verifiable history and not failed speculation convince you of the GLOBAL Antichrist to come, before the Second Coming ?

America is on a collision course with no return. Unless God intervenes. Here two examples of God’s interventions into the affairs of man:1) Laban, Jacob’s father-in-law, broke their wage agreement. On his wedding night, Jacob had assumed he was marrying Rachel. But, he had married Laban’s eldest daughter, Leah, Rachael’s Sister, after becoming intoxicated. Laban then… Continue reading 3 -Things To Pray For America

How to Deal With Disappointment in Church Leaders?

Are You Dealing With Disappointment In Your Church Leaders? It is challenging to learn our church leaders are flawed and mere humans. God’s word tells us,” In fear of the Lord there is strong confidence”(Proverbs 14:26). The scriptures also tell us that our inner confidence and trust should be in God. We must understand never… Continue reading How to Deal With Disappointment in Church Leaders?

Who Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are four biblical figures from the Book of Revelation revealed at the unsealing of the first four of Seven Seals. Each horseback rider represents a different facet of the apocalypse:  Conquest  War  Famine and  Death The Book of Revelation is a difficult book to comprehend due to extensive symbolism. However, not everyone desires… Continue reading Who Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Significance of Following Jesus

Too many Christians are caught up in society’s definition of what believers ought to think, say, look like, and act like. Rather, Christians need to get back to what the Bible says about how they should live

Jesus chose the disciples. But at what cost was it to become a follower of Jesus?When Jesus called the twelve, he did not ask them to volunteer; but simply drafted them into service to serve. Yet, he did not force them. Jesus never forces anyone.  The Cost of Following Christ There will always be opposition… Continue reading Significance of Following Jesus

Fear of Exclusion

Inclusion is the new buzz word of the 21st Century. Which do you identify with, Exclusion or Inclusion? Nearly everyone if given would choose inclusion. But there will always be someone who refuses to accept you as an equal and intentionally overlook individuals they feel are beneath them. Having experienced the hurt of exclusion I… Continue reading Fear of Exclusion

Secrets to Understanding Media (Read the Scriptures)


  (The video is from youtube) Okay, news reporters say, “There were two shooters in the Las Vegas mascara!” What is the truth? Can you trust the News Reports? I think not! The above video depicts the loss of family members in a senseless shooting! The victims in the video left home hoping for an… Continue reading Secrets to Understanding Media (Read the Scriptures)